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Prairie Fest 2015 Plein Air Paintings

En plein air  is a French expression which means "in the open air" and is particularly used to describe the act of painting outdoors, which is also called peinture sur le motif or "painting of the object(s) or what the eye actually sees". 

Local painters outdid themselves at the 10th anniversary Prairie Fest.  Many paintings went home with annual collectors, but don't feel left out!  You can still own a Tandy Hills Natural Area painting for your wall. Sales benefit ongoing conservation and education efforts.  Most of the paintings have been donated with all sales going to FOTHNA programs. Exceptions are noted where applicable. 

First come first served. Make your selections and contact us today about payments and pick-up. see details at bottom of page.

Special thanks to ALL the artists for their generous donations to Friends of Tandy Hills Natural Area through sales of their art works!


The Paintings

1. Claudia Davis $100

2. Claudia Davis $100


3. Claudia Davis (oil on canvas; 20"x16") $125 

4. Dawn Taft Tandy Hills Scene  (oil on board; 11"x14") $75

SOLD - 5. Don Spangler Cardinal (oil on board; 12"x9") $50

6. Judy Mathews (Watercolor; 7"x10") $50

SOLD - 7. Judy Mathews (watercolor; 8.5" x 11") $25

8. J. Thomas (oil on board; 9"x12") $75

9. SOLD Olivette Hubler (oil on board; 9" x 12") $100

10. Steve Miller Meadow with flowers (oil on baord; 9"x12") $145

SOLD - 11. Susie Harrison (watercolor; 7.5" x 6") $75

12. Sheri Jones $100

SOLD - 13. Sheri Jones Blue Fest (oil on canvas, framed; 8" x 10") $75

14. Sheri Jones Live Oak (oil on canvas;  8" x 10" ) $75

15. ​Sheri Jones Spring Sunset $85 

16. Sheri Jones Tandy Hills (oil on canvas, 9"x12") $100

17. Terry Shaw Mesquite Tree (oil on canvas, framed; 12" x 12") $150

SOLD - 18. Tosca English (Oil on board; 11"x 14") $50


How to add one of these paintings to your collection

1) Email us to let us know which piece(s) you are interested in. 

2) We will coordinate with you to arrange a pickup time.

3) Checks or credit cards will be accepted upon pickup. Make checks payable to Friends of Tandy Hills Natural Area