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Prairie Notes are monthly photo/journal observations from Tandy Hills Natural Area by Founder/Director, Don Young. They include field reports, flora and fauna sightings, and more, mixed with a scoop of dry humor and a bit of philosophy. They are available free to all who get on the FOTHNA email list.

Tandy Hills Semicentennial

Prairie Notes: Special Edition
April 22, 2010

On April 22, 1960, the Fort Worth City Council led by, Mayor Thomas A. McCann, agreed to purchase the land now known as Tandy Hills Natural Area.

From the City of Fort Worth archives... "a resolution enacted by the City Council of the City of Fort Worth, Texas, at a meeting regularly held on the 22nd day of April, 1960, does promise to pay, $138,250..." for the land.

The fact that Tandy Hills has survived the plow, grazing, development and gas drilling is an amazing story. By this resolution, the city inadvertently preserved this prairie wonderland for future generations. Thank you Mayor McCann! FOTHNA will take it from here.

By chance, April 22 became Earth Day in 1970. We now have two reasons to celebrate April 22.

> > > The only photo I could find of Mayor McCann will surprise you. Here he is in 1960 signing a proclamation for, "National Beatnik Week". (LIFE magazine)

Happy Birthday Tandy Hills!

Come wave your green flag with us on April 24 at Prairie Fest.