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Happy B-EarthDay to Tandy Hills

April 22, 2014

On April 22, 1960, the Fort Worth City Council made their most inspired decision, ever, when they agreed to purchase the land now known as Tandy Hills Natural Area for the sum of, $138,250. With more than 1200 native species (and growing), that works out to $115. per species. What a deal! The story of how Tandy Hills survived the plow, grazing, development and fracking in the heart of the third largest city in Texas is an amazing but true story. By this resolution, the city inadvertently preserved a prairie wonderland for future generations. Ten years later to the day, Earth Day was founded in 1970. Read more about this miraculous confluence, and Beatnik-loving Mayor Thomas W. McCann, here: On April 22, at 10 am, the City of Fort Worth honored FOTHNA at the City Council session with a proclamation recognizing the festival and the mission. Watch the presentation here: