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Discovery Hikes from Prairie Keepers

Coming in Spring to Prairie Fest x3

Explore Tandy Hills this year at Prairie Fest to discover your place in space, time and the natural world.

We’ve designed a self paced game and several guided hikes for children, tweens and adults.

Prairie Fest volunteers are building booths central to the new game and hikes, each with a different theme. Visit these activity booths to register for hikes.

Activity Booths at Prairie Fest

  • The Solar System Passport Office:
  • A game booth for space travelers of all ages.

  • Chlorospy Headquarters:
  • HQ for all hikes designed for 9-12 year olds.

  • The Outlook Inn:
  • Register at the Inn for activities designed for 4-6 and 6-8 year olds.

Prairie Keepers Discovery Hikes sponsored by

Activity Descriptions

Discover your place in space.

Play the Solar System Passport Game © -- March 31, April 28 and May 26

To play the game, hike the quarter mile Solar System Trail along the Tandy Hills ridge to explore images of our cosmic neighborhood.  Clues to a riddle are in the passport code word boxes you’ll find at nine stations along the trail: the Sun and eight planets.  This is a self-guided hike for all ages.  Don’t get lost in space without a passport guidebook! 

Buy a passport guidebook for $2 at the Solar System Passport Office.  Our interplanetary travel guides will help you plan your tour of outer space.  Once you finish your hike, solve the riddle and return to the Passport Office for an official Space Traveler stamp and a NASA Year of the Solar System bookmark.

Find us listed on NASA’s global events map: From Earth to the Solar System.

Discover your place in the natural world.

The Lost Letters © Hike for ages 6-8

This 45-minute hike explores a trail with steep slopes and creek crossings. Hikers are encouraged to wear appropriate shoes. Naturalist guides will help you see the prairie in a new light. Children leave with a hand crafted bookmark, and memories of adventures at Prairie Fest.

Food Factory Adventure for ages 9-12

Visit the Prairie Keepers booth to learn more about our programs. Crawl inside a leaf to spy on the inner workings of a Food Factory as you learn to build a sugar molecule.

Collect a Dozen Touches: A hike for ages 4-6 and their parents -- Saturday, May 26

Parents and children, join an Earthwalk guide to explore the prairie for special textures. This 30-minute activity follows mostly flat areas on an easy trail.

Prairie Keepers will also host a juggling circle on May 26.

Learn to spin Crystal Stix © in the evening light. It’s always more fun to juggle to music! Follow the rhythm of live reggae tunes drifting on the breeze. Sign up for this short juggling class at the Prairie Keepers booth.

Food Factory © and Lost Letters © by The Institute for Earth Education.
Chronos © and The Solar System Passport Game © by Prairie Keepers.