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Spring 2013

Kids on the Prairie Director, Anne Alderfer, along with Debora and Don Young are pleased to announce the winners of the Spring 2013 KOP field trip contest for Sagamore Hill ES students.

Awards for Best Poetry and Best Artwork and Best Writing were handed out in a ceremony at the school on Friday, May 31. About 100 fourth grade students participated in the field trip.

Winners received organic cotton FOTHNA T-shirt. Honorable mentions received an organic cotton FOTHNA bandana and shoe/bike lights.

And the winners are:

Poetry: 1st Place - Daniela Hurtado (Ms. Segreti)
Poetry: Honorable Mention - Julian Mariscal (Ms. Nichols)
Art: 1st Place - Juan Sanchez Garcia (Ms. Mahoney)
Art: 1st Place - Brian Martinez (Ms. Mahoney)
Art: Honorable Mention: - Irving Cuevas (Ms. Mahoney)
Art: Honorable Mention - Daniela Hurtado (Ms. Mahoney)
Writing: 1st Place - Flor Rodriguez (Ms. Cervantes)
Writing: Honorable Mention - Jasmine Mendoza (Mrs. Segreti)

Congratulations to all!

Daniela Hurtado - 1st Place Poetry (Ms. Segreti)

Julian Mariscal - Honorable Mention Poetry (Ms. Nichols)

Juan Sanchez Garcia - 1st Place Art (Ms. Mahoney)

Brian Martinez - 1st Place Art (Ms. Mahoney)

Irving Cuevas - Honorable Mention Art (Ms. Mahoney)

Daniela Hurtado - Honorable Mention Art (Ms. Mahoney)

Flor Rodriguez - 1st Place Writing (Ms. Cervantes) Page 1 of 3

Flor Rodriguez - 1st Place Writing (Ms. Cervantes) Page 2 of 3

Flor Rodriguez - 1st Place Writing (Ms. Cervantes) Page 3 of 3

Jasmine Mendoza - Honorable Mention Writing (Mrs. Segreti)

Front row, l - r: Flor Rodriguez; Brian Martinez; Juan Sanchez; Julian Mariscal; Jasmine Mendoza; Daniela Hurtado
Back row, l - r: Anne Alderfer; Sam Kieschnick; Debora Young; Don Young