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Tandy Hills meeting this Wednesday, Dec. 12 @ 6 pm

Prairie Notes:
December 10, 2007

Dear Friends-
A public meeting to review the environmental Master Plan for Tandy Hills Nature Area will be held:

Wednesday, December 12, 2007 @ 6 pm
Sycamore Community Center
2525 E. Rosedale St. (at Beach)
Fort Worth, Texas

This is Part 2 of a presentation by an environmental consulting firm that has done an extensive survey of the park. They will present their findings
and recommendations at this meeting. They will also present the results of the Questionnaire that most of you filled out. Incredibly, over 400 responses were received from all over the region!

The large number of responses illustrates to me how beloved this park is to the nearby community and far beyond. More importantly, it sends a clear message to the City of Fort Worth Parks Dept. to ACT on the Master Plan. Studies are great, questionnaires are informative, dialogue is important, but now we want, we need, real ACTION.

Squeaky wheels get the grease. Please attend and share your specific concerns with the Parks staff.

For more info, please contact Karen Wright, Project Manager for the parks dept. at (817-871-5391.

THNA, On the Ground Report:
Vivid autumn color is in short supply this year but, for a limited time, the bottomland trees are presenting a striking contrast to the fading grasses. Very soon, the ubiquitous Juniper trees will have to do until spring.

Fallen leaves have piled up on the lower trails, making for crunchy hikes on these cool, short days preceding Winter Solstice. They are also providing the deep, rich loam favored by the small but, magnificent, Trout Lily, an early spring favorite. Predictions are good for an extraordinary wildflower explosion, come April.

Holidays stressing you out? Need some quality time with yourself? Life is short. Come to the meadow. The doctor is always in.

---Only 137 days left until Prairie Fest!