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Dracula now owns the Blood Bank

Prairie Notes:
July 8, 2007

Yesterday, Al Gore said, "Times like these demand action." Here's a practical way you can act.

The closet thing that Fort Worth has to a Walden Woods is Tandy Hills Nature Area. This remarkable 160 acres of original Fort Worth prairie is the most botanically diverse tract of land, anywhere in the region. It is also home to a myriad of wildlife species. It's now seriously threatened.

An adjacent, but privately owned, 55 acre tract of land of equal importance, was recently purchased by Chesapeake Energy. You know who they are and how they contribute to global warming.

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I have a favor to ask; Will you please write a letter spelling out the significance of the land adjacent to Tandy Hills Nature Area and why it deserves protection? The 55 acres on the east side of the park are now owned by Chesapeake Energy. (see attached document for details) These 55 acres are the best of the last of the original Fort Worth prairie and are symbolic of the green space being lost to gas drilling. They should be part of Tandy Hills.

We have an opportunity to negotiate protection for the land at a special meeting July 25. I have complete support from the neighborhood association and many of the area residents.

I want our representative to have as many letters as possible from people like you when she attends that meeting. Please address your comments to:

Julie H. Wilson
Vice President - Corporate Development
Chesapeake Energy Corporation

Please remember that I need your letter in hand before July 25.

Send the hard copy to me, at the address below, and consider sending an email to:

Any other suggestions you have are welcome. Thanks for helping.