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$4,251.39 per species, give or take a fox or two

Prairie Notes:
July 21, 2007

The average number of native plant species in a typical Fort Worth yard is, maybe, half a dozen, including trees. By last count, according to the Botanical Research Institute of Texas, Tandy Hills Nature Area has 541. (see Excel.doc. below)

You read right, Five Hundred Forty One species (not to mention the fauna) and still counting. I've heard the word, "rain forest" used to describe places as diverse as this, but Tandy Hills is a Prairie in the heart of a large city. Contemplate that for a moment and you will begin to understand why I passionately oppose urban gas drilling.

When Chesapeake Energy purchased 55 acres next door to Tandy Hills last month for a reported, 2.3 million dollars, ($4,251.39 per plant species) they bought much more than a gas drilling pad site. They literally bought something that is PRICELESS and irreplaceable. They might as well have bought the moon.

Chesapeake Energy needs to get this message.

Please send you letter today. (see Word.doc attachment for details)

U.S. Mail, Word.doc via email, Appleworks via email, slipped under my welcome mat; I'll even take dictation over the phone if I have to. Send poems, send pictures, get the kids involved.

DEADLINE is July 24.

Finally, a little music to compose letters by. Ladies and gentlemen, Live from Fort Worth Prairie Fest, The Ackerman's performing, The Man Who Sold the Moon: