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Broadcast Hill: Call to Action

January 13, 2020

Broadcast Hill: Call to Action


Broadcast Hill holds a similar biological inventory as Tandy Hills, including, a robust population of Purple Indian Paintbrush.(Castilleja purpurea)


A 51 acre tract of undeveloped land adjacent to Tandy Hills is for sale. Known as Broadcast Hill, these acres and Friends of Tandy Hills share a long history as they were the rallying cry of our founding in 2004. The biological bounty here is equal to Tandy Hills and with even more breathtaking views.


Recent flyer from the real estate agency. The current price is $400K less than in 2015.


The land is part of the Tandy Hills Greenbelt which runs between Beach Street and Oakland Boulevard south of I-30. Friends of Tandy Hills Natural Area believe that these 51 acres should be added to Tandy Hills.


The asking price for the 51 acres is $700,000 or $13,725 per acre. Notably, the current price is $400K less than in 2015. This is a golden (or green) opportunity for our city to acquire and protect this unique parcel of land. We just need to persuade the city to act before commercial interests snap it up. 


The following have each pledged, $13,725 (the cost of 1-acre);

-Friends of Tandy Hills Natural Area

-Dick Schoech

-Jim Marshall

-Fonda & Marshall Fox


The following have each pledged, $583 (the cost of supporting 1 of the 1200 species here):


Heather & Mike Foote
Dr. G.W. & Karlee Marcom

Dr. P.K Marcom & Family
Roberta Marshall


Other generous pledges have been made by:


Gary & Michele Douglas

Wendy & Paul Roach

Valerie Taber 

Tarrant Coalition for Environmental Awareness

Leslie Thompson
Tarrant Coalition for Environmental Awareness
Arlington Conservation Council



> > > Your help is vital. Compose a message to any or all elected officials and city staff listed below asking the city to acquire Broadcast Hill and preserve it as a natural green space. Send your message to the mayor, council and city staff as soon as possible. Hand signed snail mail is even better. See Talking Points, links and addresses below.


Mayor Price: 

District 2: 

District 3: 

District 4: 

District 5: 

District 6: 

District 7: 

District 8: 

District 9: 

City Manager: 

Park & Rec:

Senior Planner: 

> cc Friends of Tandy Hills:

Snail Mail address: 200 Texas St, FW, TX, 76102


This map shows the existing natural area (green) and the proposed acquisition (red). Combined, it would create a 211 acre natural area.


Talking Points & Links:


-Tandy Hills & Broadcast Hill, combined, are the Green Cultural District of Fort Worth


-Green space, both prairie and forest, help clean the air in FW


-With more than 1200 native species, the biological inventory is unmatched in the inner city


-The Tandy Hills greenbelt is the best place to view wildflowers in north TX


-The urban natural area would grow to more than 210 acres, making it one of the largest in the country


-An already existing Friends group (FOTHNA) can help manage the land


-The land is a living laboratory for scientists in multidisciplines


-Less than 1% of native prairie, like these acres, remain undeveloped


-The land is a unique recreation area in the central city


-The views are among the most breathtaking in the city


-The city purchased the land for Tandy Hills exactly 60 years ago on April 22, 1960, the same date that would become Earth Day in 1970. 


-Much Fort Worth history is associated with Broadcast Hill


-Development would be detrimental to the immediate neighborhoods


> Endorsements of our land acquisition campaign include: Friends of Tandy Hills Natural Area, West Meadowbrook NA, FW City Councilperson Kelly Allen Gray, Prof. Bruce Benz of Texas Wesleyan University, Native Prairies Association of Texas, East FW Business Assoc., Tarrant Coalition for Environmental Awareness, Liveable Arlington, Native Plant Society of Texas (NCC), Arlington Conservation Council, Friends of Southwest Nature Preserve and Greater FW Sierra Club.


Link to City Council work session video presentation, Open Space Acquisition Program: