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Prairie Fest-FOTHNA Meeting

Submitted by tilunanda on October 1, 2013 - 2:50pm
Cat City Grill
Meeting Date: 
Sunday, September 22, 2013 - 11:00am to 2:00pm

Members present:

Debora Young, Don Young, Jim Marshall, Jenny Conn, Jen Schultes, Kathy Scott, Greg Hughes, Carrie Vano, Anne Aldefer, Rene Gomez (new)

Rene Gomez is announced as our Operations chair

Internet Organizing is our one stop stop

Brainstorm Activity for middle of the circle:
kids jenga (like at arts goggle); bubbles; drumming; interpretive dance; puppets; raptors and owls people; solar edu activity; wind turbine demo; NWS; dog poop bags/edu; compost education (Debbi Branch); hay bale house (architecture dept at UTA); Free book mobile; kite demos; Guy who does outreach to kids about the Blues; Jo Defoe; juggling people, hula hoop people; amphibian theatre: stilt walking; poi/fire spinners; belly
dancers; Cherokee nation representative/dancer/blessing; Buddhists from the temple on Rosedale

- use actual budget from last year as basis

Family Activities
No Heather
Kathy's got nothing yet
- Who is the lead on the wildflower hikes? Sam, with Kathy as assistant possibly?
- hike leaders: Sam Kietchnik, Jim Varnum,

Music and Stage
Tony Diaz, potential Emcee
Anne: would like to see different music, more broad and youthful; 'hot' bands
Jenny: see Clear Fork Festival lineup
Greg: fresh rotation of bandsDon: would like to be on the committee to decide the music

- Anne is both Headquarters Head & Event Sales Supervisor
- Perhaps we should have a separate person do wine & beer? Although that means 2 lines. It also means that Chadra will likely bow out.
- Food Trucks
- Anne will not be dealing with city event permit (Eddie Garcia); Rene will likely do this instead
- Carrie would like a higher percentage return from food/drink vendors; Jim brings up that Nehme payed a 250$ flat fee rather than 8% fee return; will need further discussion; Hot Dog vendor payed 8%.
- Jim: don't forget about the arrangement for volunteer food & drink; Deborah: didn't we do a better job last year (2 levels of volunteers and entertainers: workerbees and entertainers got 2 drink tix; key volunteers got 2 drink tix and 1 food tix; Instead of charging FOTHNA the retail prices, Nehme charged a lower price (but not cost); we seem to recall that 5.50 for food was our cost.
- Jenny: we are a small festival and the vendors may not make enough to be profitable etc at a higher %
- Jim: we paid $275 for the entertainers food/bev and $287.50 for volunteer food/bev

Exhibitor & Sponsor Relations

Sponsor Brainstorm: Burt's Bees; Patagonia, Memnosyne, Bass Group, Timberlands, Carter Foundation, Audobon Society, Burnett, FASH, Allan Saxe; look at Streams and Valleys sponsor list; Frost; Wells Fargo, Meadows, Bates,

Jim and Don say keep our (modest) $5000 sponsor goal.

Jim thinks we should stick with our current goals
Jenny: we have a mission statement and our goals are to make money
and raise awareness; modest expectations are reasonable; the bigger
picture might show that a big sponsor like Burt's Bees might be a great
underwriter for FOTHNA in general
When does the letter (and sponsor packet) go out? Are the perks on the
website correct? Do we want something beyond Key Sponsor? We like our
501c package that we used last year; let's keep it. Including booth
Deborah: If group x underwrites group y, who does the perk go? It goes to the donor (group x), not the underwritten group.

Do we need to update sponsor packets?
Carri: Discussion of underwritten groups and commitment fees; Form for
vendors; Exhibition fees;
Greg: if we can fill the circle at $250, why allow people to have booths at
Don: benevolent dictator role worked well, selecting mix of artists and
commercial and nonprofits
Deb: perhaps a call for underwritten artists?
Jenny: Plein Air artists - how do we deal with finances? Have them pay a
percentage of sales?
Early December - fundraising begins; Dec 5 is first mailing

We made a commitment to find our own volunteers; heads need to figure
out where and who and how many people they will need
James will be our lead on volunteer gathering. We will tell James what we
need, who we have, and he will compile it.
We need James's email
Carri: Be sure to ask James early if you need help getting volunteers.

Deb: Parks meeting in Nov…they will ask how many people we expect to
have. General agreement: 400 at any one time; 50 vendors
Deb: Jen, find the traffic plan from last year (PF2013_traffic.pdf)

Jim: It's all about having enough money to pay for improvements and KOP,
plus make net profit $5000 for our savings.
What shall we set as our goal this year? 5000! (Carri: 6000$!)
Jim: our sponsor contribution line is the main variable. All the other
numbers need to be proposed for the next meeting.Don: Insurance should be the same
Greg: Porta-potties will cost more next year. (Double it)
Anne: Will we do t-shirts?
Greg: there's inventory
Don: but only large and xl-shirts; We will need more tshirts (1500)
Jen: $1000 for marketing/printing
Jenny: needs a plein air line item; includes art gallery rental fee (perhaps
should go under a marketing line item)
Jim: Plein Air can go under revenue (silent auction, merch)
Jim: let's go through and modify the numbers

$1000 for exhibitor fees
0 entertainment grants (depends on the artist)
$750 merch sales
0 silent auction - needs someone to own it
$300 plein air
$100 donations

$3100 entertainment (ties back into grants)
$850 sound board
$500 security
insurance - same
$300 supplies
$350 banners/signs (edu posters,etc stuff HAD to come out of FASH
money last year)
$275 tables
$150 labor
$200 volunteer expense
$500 solar honorariums
$1750 membership fees
$2500 grants/donations
0 unexpected donations
$200 interest
$400 Improvement
$4800 EducationFOTHNA meeting

Are the Bylaws on the internet? Yes, we think so. Jen: check.
We need to form a committee to nominate. Group present agrees to be that committee.
By Nov 1 we need to nominate officers
Pres, Sec, Communication, VP, Treasurer, etc.
Jenny: let's wait to nominate; first let's contact some new blood; she has in mind some loyal supportive people
Deb: I will email the current officers to Jen to post on the website Officer Nominations and Bylaws need to be sent to all paid members by Oct 9
Ballot will be done on Sat, Nov 9 meeting, 2-4 at Tandy House.
Next meeting: November 9 @ Tandy House, 2-4 pm