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Native American Seed get Tandy Hills

At Native American Seed we work with many different partners on restoration projects. Vary rarely do we get to work on preservation projects, the difference is significant. Often the restoration work involves cleaning up a big ecological mess, which can be drag. The preservation work is almost always on private property. This is what makes Tandy Hills so special. Keeping it like it was and available to the public should be cause enough for celebration. But to have the Kids on the Prairie learning so much and the Prairie Fest celebrating so much makes the bigger picture so easy to see. You gals and guys up there have something truly special. The Native peoples understood this well, and for that knowledge fought and died. Not to own the land but to learn from, celebrate, and protect it. Friends of Tandy Hills is a model program that should be adopted in every city, If it were my life’s work I would be proud."

– George Cates & Emily Neiman, Native American Seed

Few people get what we do at Tandy Hills better than George, Emily and the rest of the Neiman family. Your donations in support of Friends of Tandy Hills Natural Area on North Texas Giving Day will help us "keep it like it was." Mark your calendar for September 18.

This is our first year to participate in the fund and profile-raising event called North Texas Giving Day. On September 17, 2015  from 6 a.m. until midnight, each donation of $25 and above made through our page on the North Texas Giving Day website will receive bonus funds and prizes which means that your tax deductible donation to Friends of Tandy Hills on Giving Day will go further.

Your donations to Friends of Tandy Hills are vital. There are no paid staff members in our nonprofit organization. All donations fund conservation and education initiatives. Where specifically do your donations go?

  • Our award-winning outdoor education program Kids on the PrairieProgram expenses include: 
    • transportation to and from Tandy Hills Natural Area for 250 4th graders from area schools annually,
    • field journals tailored to the local Cross Timbers prairie and aligned to Texas State and National science standards, 
    • onsite outdoor facilities, 
    • water, snacks, and lunches for the kids, teachers and bus drivers. 
  • Our long term goal of restoring the land itself via the Master PlanThese goals include: 
    • critically needed removal of invasive species, 
    • trail maintenance and creation, 
    • construction of a visitors center. 

We hope you agree that Tandy Hills is a North Texas jewel, and that Friends of Tandy Hills plays a critical mission in "keeping it like it was."  On Thursday, September 17, please visit FOTHNA’s page on anytime between 6am and midnight and click "Donate Now". Then put on your hiking boots, grab your water bottle and  come, take a hike in our rare prairie remnant.  Just east of downtown Fort Worth, Texas. 

Thank you for joining us in our essential work

See you on the prairie!

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