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Prairie Notes are monthly photo/journal observations from Tandy Hills Natural Area by Founder/Director, Don Young. They include field reports, flora and fauna sightings, and more, mixed with a scoop of dry humor and a bit of philosophy. They are available free to all who get on the FOTHNA email list.

Prairie Notes Archive

Trout Lily Madness

Prairie Notes #111
March 1, 2016

1) Trout Lily Madness
2) Field Report - February
3) BioBlitz UPDATE
4) REI Grant for Tandy Hills
5) The Art of Solar Power
6) FW Parks Board Honors FOTHNA
7) Prairie Dog Come Home
8) BRIT Visits Tandy Hills
9) Vote the Environment
10) Prairie Proverb


Pics & Proverbs 2015

Prairie Notes #109
January 1, 2016

01) Pics & Proverbs 2015
02) ReMembership
03) BioBLitz 2016 Shaping Up
04) Attaboy(s) of the Month
05) MM&WW HIke the HIlls
06) 8th Annual Brush Bash
07) Blessed are the Seed Bombers
08) Painted Prairie Skies
09) Prairie Proverb

01) Pics & Proverbs 2015

With Tandy Hills more or less at rest, January is a good time to review and reflect on the past year via 2015's, Prairie Proverbs. New this year, I'm also including a dozen of my favorite pics, one from each issue of Prairie Notes. 

Year of Transition

Prairie Notes #108
December 1, 2015

1) Year of Transition
2) Field Report - November
4) New Board on Board
5) KOP Fall Winners Announced
6) No Nature Mystics Here
7) Christmas Wish List
8) Prairie Proverb


iScare Myself

Prairie Notes #106
October 1, 2015

1) iScare Myself
2) Field Report - September
3) iNaturalist: Citizen Science
4) Making Hay at Tandy Hills
5) Halloween Flashback 
6) Giving Day Report
7) 2nd Annual Sunset Hike Scheduled
8) Wild Again, Naturally
9) Prairie Proverb


September 17

Prairie Notes #105
September 1, 2015

1) September 17
2) Field Report - August
3) Armadillo's on the Prairie
4) Pollinators Love Thistle
5) Flashback 2010: Creek Plum Romance
6) Patagonia Prairie
7) Prairie Proverb

Mood-Altering Prairie

Prairie Notes #104
August 1, 2015

1) Mood-Altering Prairie
2) Field Report - July
3) Giving Day is On the Way
4) Sketching the Prairie
5) Post Oak & Prairie Journal
6) Prairie Proverb


01) Mood-Altering Prairie

Are you suffering from rumination and subgenual prefrontal cortex activation? Worry no more. Help is but a hike away. 

Closely Watched Prairie

Prairie Notes #102
June 1, 2015

1) Closely Watched Prairie
2) Field Report - May
3) Kids on the Prairie: Spring Update
4) Prairie Time Capsule
5) Buy This T-Shirt. Please.
6) Volunteer Op
7) Prairie Proverb


01) Closely Watched Prairie

There is a triple meaning to my title this month. Firstly, I’m constantly amazed by the increasing number of people now visiting and taking pics of this wildflower wonderland. It may be the most photographed prairie in Texas at this moment. 

Prairie Fest Reflections

Prairie Notes #101
May 1, 2015

1) Prairie Fest Reflections
2) Field Report - April
3) Get Your Drone On
4) Monarch Watch @ Tandy Hills
5) Defender(s) of the Prairie
6) Merces Que Conspicitur...
7) Prairie Proverb


01) Prairie Fest Reflections

"We learn by doing when we reflect on what we have done."

Time Passes Slowly

Prairie Notes #99
March 1, 2015

The harbingers of spring have already emerged. The full and vast diversity of Tandy Hills is, in fact, silently forming right under this shallow limestone soil and will soon color the hills like few other places in Texas.